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Interior image from The Chocolatier's Apprentice, illustrated by Lee Edward Fodi.

The Chocolatier's Apprentice

Written by Victoria Miles
Illustrated by Lee Edward Födi

Published by Echo Memoirs
Picture book for ages 2 and up
ISBN: 978-0978181130

If there was anyone who might make his mark in chocolate . . . it was Eli Edward Earnest Puddicombe. For as long as he could remember, Eli Edward Earnest had dreamed of being a chief of chocolate . . . a captain of cocoa . . . a chocolatier.

The Chocolatier's Apprentice was produced in celebration of Purdy's Chocolate Company's 100-year anniversary. Net proceeds from all book sales went directly to Raise-A-Reader, an award winning, national program that supports literacy initiatives.

Canadian National Bestseller

The Chocolatier's Apprentice

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