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Cover image from Corranda's Crown, by Lee Edward Fodi.

Corranda's Crown

Written & illustrated by Lee Edward Födi

Published by Royal Fireworks Press
Middle-grade fantasy for ages 8 & up
ISBN: 978-0880925730

Corranda was still spellbound by the tree and did not respond to the dwarf’s exclamation. Inexplicably, the tree was calling to her. Slowly, and almost against her will, Corranda placed her hand upon the gigantic trunk. As she did so, the animals and birds paused to look at her. The rabbits perked their ears, the fish jumped from the lake in high arcs, and many of the birds beat their wings with excitement.


Deep in the forests of Kendar, Princess Corranda finds an enchanted tree that gives her a strange and wondrous gift: the ability to speak to animals through the power of a magic pipe! But will this power be enough to overcome the evil sorceress Odjin the Beautiful and her hordes of gluttonous goblins? Will Corranda be able to restore freedom to the kingdom and reclaim the crown that is rightfully hers? Follow Corranda on an incredible journey as she discovers the magic of nature, the power of kindness, and how true beauty is found on the inside.


Corranda's Crown

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A magical pipe.

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