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Cover image from Kendra Kandlestar: Legends & Lore from the Land of Een, by Lee Edward Fodi.

Kendra Kandlestar:
Legends & Lore from the Land of Een
A Companion Book • The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar

Written & illustrated by Lee Edward Födi
Published by Simply Read Books
Middle-grade fantasy for ages 8 & up
ISBN: 978-1-77229-013-4

Long ago, when the Elves had not yet left the Lands of Een, a young Een Mother was traveling through the woods. She was carrying her newborn child, yet she had no husband, for he had died in the winter snows. With no one to guide them, and no path to mark their way, the woman and her child became lost in the wilderness.


Explore the magical history of Kendra Kandlestar's world in this collection of tales from the Land of Een, including stories such as Leemus Longbraids and the Taming of the Owl, The Dragon Egg of Een, and Shaden Shiverbone and the Sorceress of Sight. This book is available for FREE from your favorite digital provider.

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Kendra Kandlestar: Legends & Lore from the Land of Een

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Clovin Cloudfoot.

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